Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas - so I'm a little slow

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We certainly did. Of course we went home to New Brunswick so we could have a white Christmas and S could see snow for the first time. It was looking like a pretty green Christmas when we first arrived. This first picture shows S & R outside with the dogs on the first morning after we arrived. I realized how limited his knowledge of all things snow was when he stepped out of the door and said, "So what do you think Mom, should I do a face plant?" 
Onto that frozen bare ground? I think not. 

Fortunately there was enough snow at Aunt Janice's and Grammie Toshes to get a little sliding in. 

Christmas morning came quickly as we arrived on the evening of the 23rd. S did well and was not overwhelmed by the gifts. It certainly was a special Christmas, knowing that he will always have family Christmas celebrations going forward. 

Thankfully after Christmas we got more snow!!!

Off course there was also lots of quality dog time...

Tons of fun time with cousins...

and quick visits with friends we hadn't seen in years...


So now we are into 2013, the adoption is final and we only have one tiny little detail looming to wrap things up nicely. We need to get a Puerto Rico birth certificate with S's new name and our names as his parents. This is a rather complicated process but the lawyer in Puerto Rico says it should be wrapped up in 3 months or so. So my goal is by mother's day to have his amended birth certificate in hand. 

Upcoming events in 2013
- get that birth certificate
- celebrate S's 12th birthday (in 3 weeks)
- plan for prom and graduation for our TWO graduating high school seniors
- celebrate our baby girl becoming a teenager (yes that's 3 teenage girls)

So life has a different focus now. It's not all adoption all the time, but it will continue to be busy. I noticed I posted 52 blog posts in 2012 - averaging 1 per week. This year I'm obviously off that mark already and I don't expect to post terribly frequently. After all the intent of this blog was to follow the adoption process to keep family & friends up to date on the proceedings and provide a timeline and information for others out there who are considering foster care adoption. I will still post randomly as something worthy of a blog post happens, i.e. the aforementioned events of 2013. 

Until then have a very happy and healthy 2013.