Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Profile Album

So last week was a bust.  Unfortunately the week came and went with no further progress on the adoption front due to J's case worker being on vacation.  This week she is back to work and I'm hopeful for things to move forward. First thing is that J will be presented with our Family Profile album . Actually, the FIRST thing will be me being "the squeaky wheel" and calling his worker repeatedly until I speak with her in person to hear the plan of attack from her. I "expect" it will go something like this...

  • J sees our family profile album (Thursday May 31st) - CHECK! :-)
  • We MEET J in a supervised 1 hour visit (Thursday June 7th) UPDATE...MONDAY JUNE 4TH - CHECK! :-)
  • 3 following Thursdays 1 hour supervised visits  WEEKLY 1 HOUR VISITS FOR JUNE
  • GOAL for July 1st is to have J at our home to celebrate Canada day for our first unsupervised visit

If I want to get VERY detailed and forward thinking I would include that I'm hopeful that our unsupervised visits with J during July can be plentiful and he can move in early in August.  AND we would receive permission for him to travel to Canada with us to visit our families this summer. I hope this isn't asking for too much.

How would we feel if this all fell into place?


  1. Love love love your Family Album!! Will be praying for your visits and transition!! So exciting!!

  2. That is an amazing family photo album! Great job. I love how you are able to share it with all of us. He is going to love you guys. You are such a fun family. I'll be praying for everything to go quickly and smoothly for you & for J. And I like your goal. I pray it happens. :-)