Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canada by way of Miami?

Monday August 6th is passport day or not passport day. Either way we have to be content with it and trust that there is a reason for whatever way things work out. If a same day passport is not approved for S (the son formerly known as J ) then he simply cannot travel with us to Canada. Looking forward there will be a family trip to Canada at Christmas and the hope is that his adoption will be finalized by then. His passport may even have his adopted name at that point. I dream big - why not? Merry Christmas indeed!

By August 6th S will have been living in our home for eleven days. By our travel date he will have been living with us for two weeks. That doesn't sound like much until you figure in the 200+ hours spent in supervised and unsupervised visits prior to his move in date.

Today I received in hand his certified birth certificate and certified court order indicating our status as his preadoptive family and that we have permission to apply for a passport for him. I've added those to the passport application and the additional notarized form they requested we have completed by his case worker. So I do have all the paper work in order. The only glitch I can see possibly causing us a problem is if they are sticklers about international flight because our flight is into Maine and then we drive into New Brunswick. So we need the passport to cross the border. Prayers for sympathetic passport employees to approve the passport for our itinerary.

On a completely unrelated note should I be concerned that I just heard a loud cry of "Cannonball!" followed by a splash coming from the bathroom? - The joys of boys!

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