Friday, December 14, 2012

First family vacation

And we're off! First trip to Canada for S. He is quick to remind us that this isn't his first time on an airplane as he was on a plane when he flew from Puerto Rico as an infant. Of course there is no recollection of that actual flight but it was offically his first time on a plane. So I guess this is his second time on a plane but the first flight he will remember. 

A delicious spread to welcome us at Grammie & Grampy's house. 

Meeting Nikki. 

Okay if he thinks this was a cold day he better prepare himself for the winter trip to Canada - the boy is going to freeze. One day a few weeks ago he asked me, "Mom, am I going to have to wear long pants every day at Christmas?" Uh, yes long pants every day. Puerto Rico and Florida have not prepared him for the weather he is about to encounter. 

GQ calling...

Quote of the day after four wheeling with Grammie, "You're not a man, or a woman, until you've gone four wheeling with Grammie." That smile says it all. 

At Sam's Place - notice the big kid in the background. All our children love this place!

Campfire and S'more time!

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