Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy (first) birthday party!

He is 13!!!!

It's amazing how quickly they grow up when you start parenting them so late. ;)

The birthday boy isn't a fan of cake, so I made individual chocolate chip cookie "cakes," frosted them and added M&M's to make them look like Lego pieces. Thank you Pinterest

S had a Lego movie themed birthday party. It was his first official birthday party ever and we were able to have it on his actual birthday. He was so excited I can only compare it to when my friends had an adoption shower for him and I came home with all the gifts for him. Although his adoption was finalized a few weeks prior to his 12th birthday we chose to celebrate that birthday with just dinner out as a family. All the attention and excitement from Christmas was a lot and we wanted to keep the 12th birthday small.

You only become a teenager once in your lifetime. :)
So there had to be a party. 

This is also his first season ever playing basketball. He has an awesome coach. S is doing well, having fun and making some great friends. It was fun for Michael and I to spend a little time getting to know these boys a bit off of the basketball court. They were all very polite boys. Loud, yes... but still polite. :)
Seeing as we just moved to the area a few months ago and we don't know any of these boys parents we were very thankful they let their sons come and join S for his first 13th birthday party.

I love that they pray before each game - I snapped this as I was bowing my head in the stands and didn't see until I reviewed the pictures he spent prayer time tying his sneakers. Still getting used to the whole church thing. 

His very first basketball game ever and he takes the tip off - proud mom & dad in the stands. 

The party was fun and we enjoy watching him play basketball. But life at home still certainly has it's struggles. School is still a challenge, or should I say homework is still a challenge. He will be starting Middle School this fall and I'm really trying to balance helping his learning with leaving him with more of the responsibility of completing his work. 

It doesn't make for good mother/son bonding time.  :( 

On another note Michael & I are now officially the parents of FOUR teenagers ...  

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