Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Half way there....sort of

We completed our fifth MAPP class last night. :-) Five down five to go. Things picked up in excitement last night.  We got the info we need to go get our fingerprinting appointments scheduled.  Michael is calling today to set those up. In addition to our usual weekly homework, we also got a good sized stack of profile paper work to complete before the end of the ten classes.  General Family Profile, Individualized Family Profile, Michael and I each have to complete an Adult Personal Profile, then we have to complete a Child's Personal Profile for each of our girls.  Each of the girls also has paperwork they need to complete on themselves and on what their expectations are of a new sibling. R wanted to do hers before school this morning. I told her it would take a little more time than she had but I'm glad she is so anxious to do it.  So, lots to do in the next few weeks but we are very excited to be taking productive steps toward our adoptive home study.  

Based on the information we have received in class this far the fingerprinting should be complete and returned to the agency by the end of March when we finish our MAPP classes.  Our weekly homework and completed profiles are also due by then.  At that point the home studies will formally begin with interviews in our home. I'm hopeful that our home study will be complete by the end of May 2012.  I'm hesitant to put a date out there like that but I am hopeful that if we do what we are asked in a timely manner that our Family Adoption Specialist will also be proactive in getting through the process. Once our home study is complete we can begin the "formal" waiting stage to be matched with our son.


  1. Woo Hoo! 1/2 way there. Yay! I'm so glad things are moving along. I know it seems like it's going slow. But now you have some important things to do to keep you busy. :-) Don't you just love paperwork? :-) I can't wait until you can start the home studies. And then being matched. We're praying for your future son.

  2. what an inspiring story. you sound incredible, and i can't wait to follow your beautiful journey. xoxo

    also, just for fun: i'm happy to say that your'e the winner of the High Street Market giveaway on my blog. if you email me, i'll give you the details: joanna_goddard (at) yahoo (dot com). thank you SO much!!! xoxo joanna

    1. Joanna - I'm beyond thrilled to have a celebrity blogger comment on my little beginner's blog. I emailed you regarding the amazing giveaway I won on A Cup of Jo. Thank so much!