Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm too busy to post

No really,  "I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy, much, much too busy for you blogging." Our girls grew up on Veggie Tales. :-) But I digress.  We got another large packet of paperwork this past Monday.  This time it is the official beginnings of our home study, among other things it includes our application to adopt and personal references for Michael and I and school references for each of the girls. That part is hard because you see I AM NOT IN CONTROL! Yikes.  We have to rely on others completing these and returning them to us. Honestly they aren't "required" until March 26th (our last class) but I like to be prepared.  Did I mention I made our introductory photo album back in November?  The good news is I already have one personal reference and one school reference returned.  How is that for service? There are obviously a couple of equally goal oriented folks out there. We even have a couple of references coming from Canada, considering the longest anyone could have known us here is 5 years.

So here is the UPDATED to-do list we have left to complete for this set of papers:

  • Get cats vaccinated - last time we Michael took them to the vet, Lucy scaled the wall - yes, literally! The vet never called us back for their annual visit - that was two years ago. :-(
  • Have someone at Michael's work fill out a proof of employment form.
  • Have the rest of the references returned. All 3 school references returned, (teacher's are an organized bunch) 4 of 5 personal references returned. Only ONE to go!!!
  • Have doctor's physicals completed - mine is booked for March 20th - I guess I should have said something was wrong with me if I wanted in this week. Michael still has to book his.  is booked for April 12th, because his annual physical will be covered then.
The rest of it was just filling out many papers and copying lots of other paperwork, driver's licences, green cards, proof of insurance, dog's vaccinations and so forth.  I like having lots of papers to turn in at class time. It makes me feel like if they have our info sooner they will move faster in our home study.  I'm still holding onto my hope that our home study will be complete by the end of May.  That gives our adoption worker two full months after our last class to make their two home visits and personal interviews with Michael and I and our girls.  

My other reason for wanting to do as much as possible as fast as possible is MY DAD IS COMING TO VISIT!  He will be staying with us for one week while my mom & my brother enjoy some quality time while mom is on Spring Break from teaching.  Dad will be roughing it here in the sunny south. And BONUS - my friend Cathy & her family are also coming to Florida over Spring Break and they are going to stop by for a visit.  

That reminds me I'm busy - gotta get going!

They don't look wild - do they?


  1. You got me laughing with your last question. :-)
    Yes, you have a lot to do. I'm glad I got you your letter so that is 1 less person you have to wait on. :-) I know what it's like to wait on others. It's no fun. Especially when you are waiting on official adoption people to work for you.
    Remember, if you need anything notarized, Bill will notarize them for you.
    Good luck with the paperwork. :-) And enjoy your spring break! :-)

  2. Awww, those kitties are adorable!