Thursday, March 22, 2012

Background screens are complete!

Hooray! We just got notice from our Family Adoption Specialist that our background screens came back.  Michael & I were fingerprinted and K & T had juvenile screens completed. So now we have booked home study visits for the next two Thursdays. This is so exciting.  I've heard other adoptive parents refer to their adoptions as a 'paper pregnancy', we are in our 23rd week.  So does that mean 17 weeks until match? Until placement? Certainly not until finalization as that takes minimum 90 days post placement. Regardless of the timeline we are pleased the process is progressing in a timely manner.  

Saturday March 24th update - the "to-do" list is getting very short:

  • Michael's physical (April 12th)
  • 2 Home study visits (March 29th & April 5th)
  • Family adoption specialist writes up and completes our home study


  1. Great so glad to hear everything is going well..

  2. Woo Hoo! One more thing completed! Awesome! Congrats.