Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last night we went to what was supposed to be our second to last night of MAPP training.  But as the evening wrapped up our instructors surprised us by announcing that it was our final class.  I guess we were just SO smart we finished early.  :-) Actually it was a very well taught class with tons of real life examples from people who obviously care a great deal for children in the foster care system.  We have the highest respect for all of our MAPP instructors.   Much of the information was repetitive for us from prior training as foster parents but a refresher course was a welcome experience. So this marks a major hurdle on the road to adoption.

Outstanding "hoops" to jump through:

  • cats vaccinations (booked for Saturday)
  • physicals (Billie's today, Michael's in 3 weeks)
  • waiting for security clearances from fingerprinting appointments (currently at 4weeks & 4 days) 
  • 2 Home study visits (pending security clearances)
  • Family adoption specialist writes up and completes our home study
Still hopeful for all of the above to be completed by the end of May 2012 so we can begin the matching process with our next child.

There are still a few practical things we can do while we are waiting out this next bit of time.  Painting the little guy's bedroom (currently a pretty shade of yellow) and working on redoing our family profile photo book.  Our first photo book was fine but it was small and didn't really show us having much fun and we do have fun, so I think a few more funny photos are in order.  Like this one....

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  1. YAHOO! One more thing to check off the list. One more step closer to your son. I'm SO happy you are done with the class. Praying the rest of the journey will be quick.
    Yes, your family does have a lot of fun together. :-)