Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adopting Mamas

Melissa, adopting Madison from China, Deidra, adopting from China, Sara, adopting 2 boys from Russia,  Debbie, adopting Hope and Maggie from China & Yours truly, adopting from domestic foster care in the United States.

Yesterday was a fundraising day for the five families adopting children at our church.  It was a looonnggg and fun day.  9am - 9pm there were a group of dedicated scrap booking ladies with their heads down cropping, gluing, honestly I'm not sure what they were doing.  They only looked up every half hour or so when Sara would announce another giveaway - EVERYONE won at least one awesome giveaway donated by local businesses.  The ladies occasionally got up to partake in the breakfast, lunch and dinner that were provided, of course lots of sugar and caffeine were available throughout the day.

Being as it was my first time at such an event I had no idea how it was going. Like I said heads down - focused - not a lot of interaction.  As the ladies were leaving the rave reviews about the event and requests to do it again soon have been reassuring that this was a very successful day for the scrap bookers! Thanks to everyone who came out.

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