Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday...and Happy Birthday Saturday

Although I didn't spend Friday making Easter related crafts with my daughters I was very productive.  I spent six hours painting our future son's bedroom.  When we moved into the house it was a lovely shade of yellow, which had worked fine for K but was a bit too feminine for a boy and had become quite marked and grungy looking over time.  The ceiling fan was also pink butterflies - I already painted those blades black.

Soon to be big sister got to make the first swipe of color (Benjamin Moore Gray Horse) In a completely unrelated coincidence R was wearing her Carlos Pena tshirt and yesterday just happened to be the Tampa Bay Rays home opener against the Yankees and Carlos Pena is back with the Rays AND the Rays won their home opener yesterday, in no small part due to Carlos Pena!

It is a great feeling to have this little (SIX HOURS!!!) step out of the way.  We don't plan to do too much to the room other than the fresh paint and a very basic bed, yet to be purchased.  We want the little guy to be able to put his own personality into his bedroom when he arrives,  So his favorite color and his hobbies will dictate the rest of the decor.  I do have a couple of little crafty projects - thank you Pinterest - that I hope to have complete for his room by the end of this month.  Now for the after shot...

Yes it would appear she did ALL the work, and if you ask her she will tell you she did.

 Now about that birthday, today is my mom's birthday.  Wish we could be there with you to celebrate. We love you and miss you. Hope you have a wonderful day. Here is one of my favorite, not so recent, pictures of my mom. Fish for dinner anyone?



  1. That picture of your mom looks like R to me!

  2. Yes Melissa - when people tell me R looks like me I always say she looks more like my mom.