Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New shirt, new shoes, no problem

It's taken me a while to get around to writing this post, I apologize. Adopting takes lots of time and energy outside of what I write about here. It is emotionally and mentally draining by times. Oh and I DO have a family of three girls and a husband to be concerned about while maneuvering the adoption hoops. Two cats, and a dog with a penchant for eating non-food items. Add in a new son who now understands the meaning of "be sure to pick up your socks and put them where the dog can't get them." Ugh! Mentally and emotionally draining and as for the dog - yes he is "drained" too.

Last week we had visits with J almost every day. Our usual Tuesday and Thursday visits were both shall we say "unusual." An extra visit on Wednesday due to a slight complication with the timing of Tuesday's visit. See emotionally and mentally draining mentioned above. Thursday was unexpectedly longer than usual - again emotionally and mentally draining when you think his case worker is picking him up and she thinks you are picking him up and come to find out he is at the foster home waiting for anyone to pick him up. Friday was R's birthday and J got to spend the afternoon with us and come along for birthday dinner out. In preparation for R's birthday dinner out I had purchased a chambray shirt and tan shorts for J. He still needed shoes and R wanted TOMS for her birthday gift. So off to the mall we went. This seemed like a new experience for J. R was thrilled with her black sparkly TOMS and we knew J had found his perfect pair when they turned into dancing shoes in the middle of the shoe store. Too cute.

Did I forget to mention dear husband had to work 7 days straight starting July 1st, including MANY late nights? J really misses Michael when he isn't around. Out of the blue this week J was playing on the Wii with T & R and he says, "I really need Dad, I need Dad the most." Awwwww..... yes it was just that sweet and it was so unexpected.

Sunday everyone was home - all day! Michael wasn't working, T wasn't babysitting and J arrived at noon. We had a nice afternoon - J got a new ball glove that needs to be broken in for the baseball camp he will be attending in a couple of weeks. He also got to go to church with us. Now if you were at church on Sunday and are wondering why you didn't get to meet J - Michael and I were teaching 4th & 5th graders in Building B at the 5 o'clock service. It just so happens that J is in the right grade for our class. So we got to see him in a new environment. He did really well. It was a small class with only 3 students including him - the only other boy there he had met the previous Sunday at our Canada day celebration. What a blessing that was - they joked around and were silly together - it was nice to see J so comfortable his first time at church. Of course we did have the opportunity to introduce him to a few new people, nice how certain people just happened to be there. :-) Meeting so many new people has to be overwhelming, I know it would be for me.

This week our visitation scheduled has been changed, to avoid a repeat of all the confusion of last week's visits. We now will visit on Wednesday's and ALL WEEKEND - Friday - Monday - OVERNIGHTS. This is a major step forward. So about those goals in my last post...

~ first sleepover July 6th did not happen
~ first weekend visit July 13-15th YES! scheduled
~ move in date July 20th - the week before J's baseball camp begins. Not going to happen
~ The current court date is set for the end of July so I'm going to hope it can get moved up to the week of July 16th. Not going to happen
~ At that court date July 26th I'm hoping we will solidify the move in date as an official adoption placement and that we will get a court order for approval to take J to Canada on vacation. Adoption placement cannot take place until 30-60 days after this court date HOWEVER he may be able to move in as a non-relative placement following court. We'll take it! Still holding out hope for Canada though. 
~ Of course the item I continue to have no control over THE PASSPORT! ASAP PLEASE! Still hoping.

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