Monday, July 2, 2012

Updated goals

We had such a great Canada day visit with our son and with wonderfully supportive American friends. 

Thanks mom for sending us all the fun decorations. 

It was nice that J got to meet a few of our friends and their fabulous children. Last night as we finished the clean up from the gathering I reflected on the fact that Canada Day had been my goal for our first unsupervised visit with J. We actually had our first unsupervised visit on June 19th almost 2 full weeks ahead of our goal.

July is going to be a very big month in our adoption process. There is a court date to deal with the ongoing "at risk" concern. Hopefully this will be resolved this month and there will be no question that this sweet boy will officially become a McIntosh. There is the potential that J will begin to have sleepover visits this month and "maybe" even move in. We are hoping J's first sleepover will actually be this Friday which also happens to be R's 12th birthday - what a present that would be. We know for sure he can come spend the day with us and go out for dinner to celebrate R's birthday. The tears at the end of our visits are getting more and more difficult to deal with. We are all growing closer and it now feels even more unnatural to return him to his foster home at the end of our visits. July 1st was a big day marking the beginning of this month where many things need to happen. Not the least of which is the continued search for the elusive passport.

Because our goals have been met or exceeded up to this point I'm going to step out and set some new ones -
~ first sleepover July 6th
~ first weekend visit July 13-15th
~ move in date July 20th - the week before J's baseball camp begins.
~ The current court date is set for the end of July so I'm going to hope it can get moved up to the week of July 16th.
~ At that court date I'm hoping we will solidify the move in date as an official adoption placement and that we will get a court order for approval to take J to Canada on vacation.
~ Of course the item I continue to have no control over THE PASSPORT! ASAP PLEASE!

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