Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another graduation...

Graduations are such momentous events. I was looking forward to the days when my two eldest daughters graduated high school but I truly don't think I was prepared for the emotion of it all. I already posted T's photos from her graduation. K graduated a few days later, here are her photos.

The girls graduations were each held at the Florida State Fairgrounds. The marquee on T's graduation day looked like this:

By K's grad day it looked like this - considering the occasion correct spelling is important no? ;)

Gram helping the graduate with her tassel.

Looking for us in the crowd - she said she never did see us. :(


The moment that "got me" in each of the girl's ceremonies was when they were proclaimed "Graduating class of 2013" and the entire class moved their tassels - I don't have one good photo of either graduating class turning their tassels because it's difficult to take a good photo with a trembling hand and blurry eyes. 

That laugh melts my heart.

Congratulations to our eldest daughter. We have never been more proud of you. 

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