Saturday, June 8, 2013

Special occasions call for special celebrations....

When your graduating senior chooses to forgo her senior prom you still want to be sure she has a memorable evening to commemorate this very special occasion. In two past years K has attended the Best Buddies dance but she didn't go this year. Only once in all four high school years did she attend homecoming, T went with her. However when it came to her senior prom we were hoping she would go. When she told us she wanted to buy a prom dress and NOT go to prom, that didn't surprise us. We told her we would buy her a prom dress and we would celebrate as a family with dinner out at a nice restaurant while Grammy & Grampy were here for graduations. That seemed to please her.

Prom or not every girl needs a pretty corsage for her special evening out.

A couple of dapper looking dudes.

For those who know K you will understand why I had to post so many photos.
For those of you who don't know K allow me to explain. 
1. K doesn't like to have her photo taken.
2. K doesn't smile all that often.

I hope that clarifies why we needed so many photos and why I'm sharing so many here.


At this point I may need to remind you this celebration was mainly about K - but it sure looks like Grampy & S were enjoying themselves in the limo.

Cheers with littlest sister....

... and Gram & Gramp.

Grampy had fun with all the buttons..

Each of the boys had their turn sitting with the grandparents for a photo.

Mama and her girlies.

We arrived at Bern's Steak House - R and Gram look so cute in this great big chair in the waiting area.

Our private dining room - such a cool experience. Our waiter was great. He told us this room was popular with the secret service when past presidents have dined there because there are two entrances/exits to the room. Cool. We also toured the huge kitchen, the wine cellar and finished the evening with dessert in the Harry Waugh Dessert Room. I now understand why people say they sometimes go just for dessert. Impressive.

R is going to eat her veggies. 

We love you K - we enjoyed spending this special evening with you.  

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  1. That's really sweet. You have a lovely family. K looks wonderful in her purple dress. You are very supportive of her decisions and more families should be like yours. I actually think it's adorable that she wanted to spend her senior prom with her family. You made a good decision renting out a limo as well. I'm sure it made the day feel more special. I hope more days like that come to you. Take care. :)

    Jack Gambs @ Antique Limousine