Saturday, January 21, 2012

Celebrate small feats along the way

Today we installed a smoke detector in the den.  Yup we did! Please hold your applause.  There are a few minor modifications we will need to make to pass the home safety inspection portion of the home study.  Every bedroom needs working smoke detectors, which we have.  Except for the fact that the room currently known as the den will become a 5th bedroom in the (hopefully) near future.  BTW K calls dibs on the slightly larger den and is very willing to let her current bedroom go to her little brother. So we have working smoke detectors in each bedroom/future bedroom now.  We have a few more modifications to make on the den to make it a little more "bedroomy." The current French doors lack a certain level of privacy so we need to purchase some curtains to work as privacy screens inside the doors.  Unfortunately the beautiful roman style curtains we had on our French doors at our last house don't fit these smaller French doors. :-( Grampy T, we will have curtains in place before you come to visit in March.  Ideally there will also be some room darkening shades on the exterior windows as well or we might be looking at some very early risers.

So now we just need a new carbon monoxide detector - go figure, ours just expired.  Upgrading our fire extinguisher is likely a requirement as well because we'd be lucky to put out a campfire with the wee little one we currently have in the kitchen.  :-) Then we have to see if we need to lock up all "hazardous materials" I'm hopeful that with the age range we are looking at we won't have to be quite so strict with the baby covers on outlets and the safety fence around the pool and so forth.  At least I'm hoping that is the case, but if they tell us we need to lock everything up - consider it done.  Our son is worth it and it gives us something worthwhile to do while waiting.

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