Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two down eight to go!

We had our second MAPP class last night.  This class followed how children initially come into foster care and how reunification with the birth family is the goal whenever possible.  These classes are full of heavy information that I can't imagine hearing without our background in foster parenting.  We haven't heard much yet that has shocked us, saddened us yes, but unfortunately we've seen/heard it before. With each example provided Michael and I have given each other knowing looks thinking of one particular child or another we have had in our care.  The stories range from the sad to the unimaginable.  Our group discussion time really lets us hear how others in the class react to hearing these things for the first time. We have the advantage of our experience to know how these hurting children can blossom over time when they are provided basic care in a stable loving home.

This week's homework looks pretty straightforward, which is good because we only have one week this time to complete it. We are looking forward to next week and being one week closer to being matched with our son.

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  1. That's 2 more days (so to speak) closer to your son. So excited to watch this journey you & Mike are on.