Friday, January 13, 2012

Your support means so much

Can I just say that we are quite overwhelmed with the outreach of love and support we have been receiving from family and friends?  Emails, phone calls, posts and messages on facebook.  I won't call any of you out directly but I do want you to know your kindness is greatly appreciated.
We are very excited to be on this journey to adopt once again.  This time around it will be very different - a boy - an older boy - not a sweet little baby girl whom we had fallen in love with over the 17 months she was our foster daughter.  This will be a series of relatively short "Hi - nice to meet you" visits then - "Here you go he's moving in!" We pray for our son daily - many times daily.  We pray that God is preparing his heart to be open to us as we ask for our hearts to be prepared to welcome him.  Each nudge of encouragement we receive from friends and family reaffirms for us that we are headed in the right direction.


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